Outsourcing backup is the best way you can protect your company’s most valued asset — data. You are a focused, prepared, and business-success-oriented person, just by reading this page. It tells us that business data is precious to you and you want to protect it by all means.

The fact is, you need a solid backup system for all your business data. The world is evolving fast, thanks to technology. Furthermore, you better believe that your competition either has data backups in place or is in the process of installing one.


Running, managing, and protecting business data is something we know how to do extremely well. We will prove to you how data backups can help you to have a successful business. 

So read on, to see how outsourcing data backups for your business can increase revenues and minimize costs. Or you could just contact us immediately and a data management expert will give you all the information you need.

What is Backups

Outsourcing backup and data recovery services are the process of contracting a third party to ensure that your business data is safely stored to be recovered or restored in the future. 

In a few words….

We have the resources, tools, and expertise to secure your business data, so you can recover it if the worst should happen. 

Whether to back up business data used to be a contentious topic in the past or not. Fast-forward to now, most organizations are upgrading their tech infrastructure and discovering that data backup is necessary.

In your opinion, what is the worst thing that could happen to your business? You have probably insured your company against fire, theft, or bankruptcy. But do you know why to do when there is a security breach on yo0ur data and you lose it all?

Customers’ details’ including demographic, preferences, history, etc

Accounting information like transactions, profit margins, expenditure, allowances, salaries, and remuneration, etc.

Sales tracking such as product analytics, reports, past sales patterns, etc

Human resource data on the employees and leaders.

Social media data

Personal data about people tied to the business might hurt your company’s reputation.

There is no other option, outsourcing a backup data system for your business prepares you for any surprise that technology might hold in the future.

Contacting us is the easiest and most affordable way of protecting your business data. Please know that cloud backup is just a quarter of the work. There is a lot of work involved but don’t worry, our IT experts will take it from here.

How does it work

Outsourcing a business backup data team is a reasonable decision that you should have made by now. Why do you ask? Because it will reduce costs, increase revenue and prepare your business to overcome any future disasters.

In simple words, data backup is just a copy of all the most important data in your business. By just having a backup for your business data, you are steps ahead to having a successful business that is sustainable and strong enough to withstand disasters. 

So, how do we ensure that all your business data is safe:

We keep several copies of your data on different servers. This is to ensure that there is no possibility of any single incident ruining all your data.

Store and secure your data in different formats, just to add a layer of security.

Keep other copies offsite, just to be safe in case of physical or natural disasters.

Of course, you have 100% oversight on how and where your data is spread or replicated. Furthermore, we will also give you options on backup devices, the frequency of updating backups, and how long you would like us to store the data.

We have a unique methodology of storing data, to ensure that it is secure and readily available for use. From cloud backups in remote servers to local and network backups and online storage.

Why should I use it?

You must be a savvy business leader if you are considering getting data backup for your organization. We have to credit you for that. 

Why not outsource business data backup when it is a simpler, easier way of ensuring sustainability for your company? Well, if you are still on the fence, undecided whether you need to outsource a business data backup plan, here are reasons to convince you. 

Your competition has data backup and will use it to your disadvantage — Think of that business or company that gives you sleepless nights because they have the biggest share of customers in your field. There is a 99% chance that they have a data backup plan to keep business flowing even on bad days.

 Ensure business continuity with technology expertise — The process of business data backup involves more than storing files on an external drive. We adapt to the latest tech to prepare for potential threats. 

No hidden costs, thus boosting revenue — While hiring IT experts internally might look appealing, it is 10x more expensive than outsourcing business backup data experts. We have the hardware, necessary infrastructure, data centers, and management, thus saving you on costs.

Data compliance laws and legalities — Truth is, hiring us saves you the extra cost of hiring a legal team to assist you with data compliance. Our experts are already familiar with the legalities of business data. 

Don’t waste any time, your competitors are already steps ahead. Change the game and get outsource a business data backup today. 

We will regularly give you detailed reports and help you to recover your data quickly and safely, in case of any event.

How do I get it?

Having an effective and secure company data backup plan is straightforward — just contact us. 

You are one appointment away from hiring the best expertise and tools for backing up your customer, sales, management, revenue, and other personal data. We are happy to take up the responsibility of making sure that your data is safe and recovery-ready.

Don’t worry, all our IT specialists are aware and bound by our confidentiality clauses. This means the entire data, both personal and business is secure from third-party exploitation or use.

Treat your mind to some peace and focus on boosting your business operations. After all, the IT experts in our team are fully capable of protecting your data.

We always say….

Failing to plan is planning to fail. So plan to succeed in the future by outsourcing business backup data experts.  Drop us a message or book an appointment today. An IT expert will get in touch with you shortly. 

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