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Customer Service

Friendly, professional, and reliable customer service could be the lifeline your business needs to make more profits. Outsource the best customer service with us, and you will notice more sales conversions and repeat customers. Are you in need of customer service agents? No worries, you can get trustworthy and world-class customer service agents with us.

How To Build A Website provides highly skilled and impressively reliable customer service teams to hundreds of clients.

Read on to find out how you can achieve a successful business by outsourcing customer service with us.

Customer service
What is Customer Service

Customer service is the act of offering your customers or potential clients assistance, before, during, or after buying your products or services. In short, the customer service team is one of the most important aspects of the customer-business relationship.

Here is where we come in;

We cater to the needs of your existing and potential customers by guiding them through your products and services. Whenever they require assistance, we are there, right on time.

Build a reputation for your business – for reliability. While we focus on offering phenomenal customer service to your customers, you can pay attention to what matters to you; growing your business.

A company is only as good as its customer support team. In an interview, the late Steve Jobs said that everyone in the Apple company works at the customer service desk at least once a year, to know how to deal with customers.

Outsourcing customer support ensures that your customer’s needs are always addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

So, when you outsource our customer service team, be sure that we dedicate ourselves to assisting your clients. It is always a pleasure to guide your customers through your services or products.

Therefore, give your customers a reason to come back again for your products or services by outsourcing customer support agents with us. We promise to meet your expectations from the very first time that we interact with your clients.

How does it work

It is time that you outsourced a customer service team that your competitors can’t match – that is us. The process of recruiting a customer service team for you is straightforward but without a doubt, effective.

 Having the right people handling your customers is one of the most functional ways of maintaining a successful business. When your customers have positive interconnections with your support team, you are likely to increase sales by almost 80%. Moreover, an existing customer can either return or not return to buy your products or services due to customer support.

Hiring a customer support team for your business or company can be a headache. Especially when you don’t know where or how to start. However, don’t fret – that is what we are here to do.

To ensure that you get the best customer service for your company or organisation, we:

  • Analyse your business to understand the step-by-step process of buying your products and services.
  • Come up with a checklist to match the best customer support agents with your business. We usually consider must-have skills, nice-to-have skills, experience, and language diversity.
  • We train and support the team about your company’s vision, goals, and culture.

The fact is, your customer support reps should be friendly and self-driven personas. Above all, the agents must have emotional intelligence.

Most importantly, we help you find agents who are passionate about the industry of your business. That way, they are familiar with the type of products and services you offer.

Why should I use it?

Keep in mind that you will not be running the outsourced customer service centre, we do that for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your company. Whether you are a start-up or a large organization, outsourcing customer support reps is the best way of taking care of your customers.

There are many benefits of hiring a customer service team with us:

Cut-costs without compromising on quality – Running an operative customer support centre comes with extra costs. From integrated software to call routing, scripting, call distribution, and many other factors. By hiring a team, you save funds and channel that budget to other important departments of your business.

Save time you could have used hiring employees – The process of hiring the right customer support reps can be daunting. Plus there are other constraints like taxes and scheduling.

Managing a customer service centre requires special skills – You need special skill sets like software customization, staffing, hardware handling, quality assurance, etc. Also, hiring someone to manage your call centre will probably cost more than outsourcing a whole team with us.

You will see positive results in your business – Rest assured that our customer support agents will dedicate every working hour to guiding your customers in the right direction. Soon, you will notice better performance in your sales, user experience and reputation.

We are determined to help your company scale up the ladder and beat the competition. Your customer support service will never be the same with us.

How do I get it?

Weighing whether you need to outsource a customer support team? The best answer is YES!

Getting this service from us is simple. Just book an appointment with us and your customers’ calls will be professionally handled.

Of course, you want to make certain that your business provides quality customer service and we understand that. That is why you should outsource a team with How To Build A Website. One way of realizing the dreams you have for your business is by outsourcing a customer support team.

Your budget for outsourcing customer service with us will not break your bank. We will handle the infrastructure, analytics, staff training, administrative resources, and other technical needs.

It won’t take long before we put a team together that will bring results. Do you want after-hours customer service reps? We can arrange that for you; a 24/7 assistance line for your customers and clients.

Today is perfect for you to get ahead of your competition. Here is an opportunity to retain customers, improve sales, and better your company’s or brand’s reputation. Contact us with your customer support needs and we will get a reliable team for you real quick.

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