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A customer-oriented, tactful and futuristic team of e-commerce experts is what you need to have a successful business with measurable results.

How To Build A Website assists small to medium businesses ad entrepreneurs to navigate all issues that come with running a digital shopping platform.

With us, you will get value from your vendors, expand your customer strongholds, strengthen your online presence and create a sustainable online business.

E Commerce

Here is an e-commerce strategy consulting team of specialists who are ready to deliver revenue-focused, effective and innovative solutions that will help better your customers’ experience.

Read on to know how you can gain from our e-commerce services.

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What is E-commerce

We analyse your online business vision or model and come up with the best strategies for marketing, advertising, content niche, optimization and so much more.

Our e-commerce experts will…

Evolve your goals, solve any challenges, eliminate obstacles, mobilize resources, reduce costs and formulate effective, actionable, and measurable strategies to increase customers and sales.

We are just here to show you how to have a successful e-commerce business.

How To Build A Website has done this before…for many customers. We have a proven history of successfully helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their e-commerce dreams.

How does it work

First, contact us with your online business ideas, dreams, or goals. Our e-commerce experts will take it from there.

We have been where you are, with hundreds of clients who were trying to re-invent their e-commerce platforms into traffic-magnets and revenue-boosters.

So, what do our e-commerce consulting experts do for your business?

The first step of interaction, entails you helping us understand your business, brand, products, or services.

Analyse your existing e-commerce business model – We investigate the site to see the strengths and weaknesses of your platform.

Customer intelligence – The more customers you have, the more successful you get. That is why we research your existing and potential customers, to find out what they prefer.

Design and responsiveness analysis – Design is the most vital aspect of e-commerce stores. Therefore, we will analyse the design of your store and give a report.

Competition analysis – We also want to know your competitors and what it is they could be doing to be ahead. We also look out for loopholes in your competitor’s e-commerce models and strategize on how you can capitalize on their weaknesses.

Why should I use it?

Every year, thousands of e-commerce websites are closing down, with about 30% shutting down within the first year after launch.

Our goal is to help you run a successful e-commerce store, grow your business and increase your revenue.

You need our e-commerce specialists if:

  • Have an existing online store but your sales are low.
  • There is a decrease in traffic or online shoppers.
  • People shop in your store but abandon the cart before checking out.
  • Your online store is going through a sales downturn.
  • You are having a hard time branding and building a strong online presence. 

Our e-commerce module is curated to combine market analysis, business expertise, web research, and technology. 

How do I get it?

Hire our e-commerce experts to conduct thorough research, market analysis, and competitive intelligence for the sake of your online business.

How To Build A Website has a team of e-commerce masters, who know all the do’s and don’t of online shopping. We will do everything to ensure your store grows.

We have a whole team of digital marketing specialists waiting for you. Everything about our methodologies, approaches, and strategies has proven to work.

So contact us today and book an appointment! You can be sure that our e-commerce experts will get back to you shortly.

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