Integration Consultation

Integration Consultation

B2B relations can get complicated. That is why you need an effective integration consultation firm to facilitate the optimization and automation of vital business processes with your partners or customers.

The shape of businesses is changing, thanks to digitization and the world wide web. You could be the leader in your industry today but be 5 positions back by tomorrow morning.

Staying on top of the game requires integration and collaboration with your fellow stakeholders, customers, partners, suppliers, vendors, etc.

Integration Consultation

How To Build A Website can help to ensure that your business operates smoothly by integrating all branches of your company.

What is Integration Consultation

We facilitate different processes and relations in your businesses to promote collaborative working, under a common goal.

Our work is to….

Use technology to synchronize different resources to enable automation, optimization, and integration of key business processes that link your company with your trading partners. It can include logistic ties, suppliers, customers, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies.

Trust that we will help to align technology with your company’s goals and strategies. In short, we consider your business culture, vision, objectives, and current status and prepare you for a digitized future.

Business integration is the drive behind many successful companies. By hiring our integration consultants, you can leverage your current resources to stay ahead of the game.

How does it work

We are a forward-thinking firm, so we use technology to synchronize all the branches and processes of your business.

We have all the necessary software, tech wizards, and business experts to ensure that your suppliers, customers, partners, stakeholders, and management work towards a common goal.

 Our standard integration consultation process includes:

Data extraction – We extract and use your current data e.g. Your online store’s monthly sales.

Data formatting – Different departments in your business might be storing data in different formats. Our tech experts will convert your data into standardized formats that all your chain partners can understand.

Data transport protocols – You need a secure communication channel that facilitates seamless data exchange. There are different types of protocols like HTTPS, AS2, and SFTP.  We will ensure that your data protocols blend with the requirements of your trading partners.

Target application – We ensure that the application can receive and process any data that they receive and give feedback. 

Step by step example of integration:

Assuming you own a shower systems store. 

Your store prepares an order for shower rods (source application)

This shower rod order is extracted and translated (data format) into a Purchase Order.

We securely transmit the Purchase Order (data transport protocol) to your supplier X digitally.

Supplier X will process the order using their version of (target application) and send back an acknowledgment to confirm receipt of the order.

Supplier X sends a Shipping noticed to your store to confirm that the shower rods are on the way.

Your store acknowledges and prepares to receive the shipment.

Once the shower rods are shipped, supplier X sends an invoice.

Your store then sends a Payment Order to supplier x to confirm payment particulars.

Supplier x then acknowledges receipt of payment. 

Remember that all this while, your customer, who had orders a shower rod on your online store, is regularly being updated on the status of their purchase.

  • Order received
  • processing order
  • order in shipment
  • order delivered
Why should I use it?

Business integration depends heavily upon tech solutions and concrete architecture. Hence the need for one data-transport system that is secure and accessible to all your business partners.

So, how does your business benefit from integration:

There is a seamless and effective exchange of information.

Save time that you could be using sending emails back and forth.

More productivity.

All departments of your business can collaboratively and effectively work towards a similar goal.

All processes are automated.

Witness robust business growth and consequently, increase in revenue.

You have safe control over information in your database.

Reduce IT-related costs since you can re-use data without making new investments.


How do I get it?

Considering the above benefits, you can agree that business integration is important for your company to succeed. Digitization has created a whole more competitive environment but we can help you achieve seamless functionality and more productivity.

Outsource integration consultation services with us. How To Build A Website business and IT experts will centralize your business databases to help you control your businesses.

If you wish to integrate your company or business systems, contact us today.

It is time to digitize your business operations! Book an appointment for integration consultation with the best people in the industry.

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