Linking To Social Media

Linking To Social Media

Linking your website or app to social media is how you get ahead of the competition in this era. There are billions of social media users and there is a huge customer share waiting for your products or services. 

Get a custom and assigned social media linking to your online business and start seeing your ranking increase. Within a short while of linking your business to social media, you will start seeing more visitors and higher revenues. 

How To Build A Website has been the ultimate business solutions provider for many entrepreneurs and startups in Australia and past our borders.

Linking to Social Media

Therefore, trust us to provide the necessary expertise in sending visitors and customer to and from your website and social media pages.

What is Linking To Social Media

Social media integration is the act of making it easy for customers to access social media platforms straight from your website, for sharing. 

We are social media experts so….

You can expect measurable results when we link your site or app to your social media accounts. 

It is about time that your visitors got the chance to interact and engage with your brand from social media pages. We know how to do it, plus we have top-notch integration tools. 

We help create opportunities for your visitors to share content and promote your services or products easily on their social media pages. 

Have you ever seen social media buttons on blog posts? Those are the buttons you need to implement to ensure that your business draws a high number of visitors.

How does it work

A website or app is important if you want to create an engaged community. Social media is the way to go if you want to engage a community. 

 Today is the day to turn your site or app into an engaging platform that your customer community can relate to. This is what we will do: 

  1. Link your social networks to your website – We place your social media buttons in locations that are easily visible to your customers.
  2. Integrate your social media content with your website – We embed your social media posts directly to your site, thus improving engagement.
  3. Make it easy for your cust9oers to share your website content on social media – With just a simple click, your readers will be able to tell their friends about your business!
Why should I use it?

Social media strategies have changed over time. Staying active on social media is significant if you want to attract new traffic and retain your existing visitors.

Posting useful information, humorous things and relatable topics is one way of boosting your brand. However, the question is, how does integrating your social media and website help your business?

  • Channel more traffic to your site.
  • Reduces visitor bounce rate and increases the session time for every customer.
  • Be reliable to your customers.
  • Real-time updates and analytics.
  • Maintain consistency.
  • Increase sales.
  • Be a household among your target audience.
How do I get it?

The best social media integration company is here. How To Build A Website is the marketing partner you need to improve engagement for your product or website. 

Realty check – your website cannot achieve its true potential until you integrate social media. Stop assuming that you don’t need social media because you do. 

 Our digital marketing specialist will take you through different social media marketing strategies and boost your company’s revenue. 

In business, time is money. So, waste no more time and contact us today. 

Book an appointment to further discuss with our business and marketing experts. We promise to guide you through generating website leads, engaging your visitors and beating the competition.

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