SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Get powerful SMS marketing tools and build your online store, e-commerce platform or brand.  It is time that you targeted your potential customers and fans of your brand, with the right messages.

Generate more subscribers, buyers or users of your products or services by outsourcing SMS marketing services to us.

How To Build A Website marketing experts have helped a wide range of clients to grow their business and increase revenue.

There is a thin line between nagging and inspiring your customers. Fortunately for you, 

SMS Marketing

We know the difference and we are the best people to communicate with your customers.

Hire or outsource our SMS marketing services today and quickly grow your audience as you increase your income.

What is SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the process of sending promotional messages for marketing and advertising purposes, using text messages. 

We bring your customers….

By tactfully creating and sending the right messages at the right time, in a format that inspires the buyer to visit your business. 

We approach it as a conversational way of informing your potential buyers about your products or services.

98% of people open their SMS and 75% are likely to take action if they can relate to the message.

Our marketing experts are experienced and highly skilled to bring you that 75% customer share.

How does it work

SMS marketing is an effective way of reaching your potential customers and keep them in the loop about your products and services.

Here is how we help you reach a bigger audience and customers:

  • Our SMS marketing specialists will analyse your business or cause.
  • We will create an strategy based on research and data.
  • We co-ordinate all different areas of your business to have one strong purpose.
  • The next step involves our customer relationship management (CRM) experts studying your potential customers.
  • The creative marketing team will draft clear, simple and engaging messages.
  • We will include call-to-action links and buttons in the SMS. For example, “show this text” “click here”

We humanize these messages so that your customer can relate to your product or service. That is how we have managed to always deliver results to our clients, via effective marketing.

Why should I use it?

Most SMS marketing companies will bombard your potential visitors or buyers with so much irrelevant info that you will hardly close any sale.

So let us help you. Our team is not only highly experienced but they also come armed with creative and human relations skills.

Other benefits of outsourcing SMS marketing services to us:

  • Our texts are creative, friendly and inspiring to the customer.
  • We have a high success rate.
  • You will get updated reports and feedback on the performance of your SMS marketing.
  • We will tailor effective SMS marketing campaigns that fit the specific needs of your business.
  • Your customers receive messages that are personal and relevant to their needs.
  • 75% of mobile users prefer receiving offers via text. 

More benefits of using SMS marketing campaigns:

  • SMS is a direct and immediate channel, with over 50% ROI rates.
  • You can add a short code to build familiarity with your customer base.
  • We can integrate it with other marketing channels like social media.
  • It boosts your ranks on search engines.
  • You save costs on marketing and advertising.
  • You get to learn more about your customers.
How do I get it?

“How do I start an effective SMS marketing campaign?”

We have the answers to your question.

How To Build A Website has a reliable team of experts who will give you quick results. It is time that you joined the fastest-growing brands in your industry.

We are more than equipped and capable of maximizing the power of SMS across your marketing and advertising strategies. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of business solutions to help you start and run a successful online business.

Hurry and drop us a message today. We can’t wait to help your business grow!

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