Style Guides

Style Guides

The best style guide for a business website or app can only be created and delivered on time by top designers in the game – us. 

A style guide is necessary if you want to have a successful business, startup or brand. Not only will we tell you why you need a style guide for your company but we will also show you how to get it. 

So trust that if your website has an outstanding style, you will regularly get new customers and retain most of them for repeat purchases. 

Have you been wondering how you can get ahead of your competitors? Maybe you are still trying to gain popularity in your business niche.  

Consistency is the language that most customers understand. They want a brand they can remember and tell their friends about.  

Scroll further in the article to know the best style guide for your business or website. 

What is Style Guides

A style guide is a unique document comprising code standards that specify the various patterns and elements of your website or app. It shows all the visual styles of your website including colour, headers, footers, sidebars, buttons, content space, logos, etc. 

To be clear….. 

We listen to your vision, design and present a style guide to you that will sweep your customers off their feet and promote collaborative working in your team. 

Outsourcing a style guide gives your site visitors a fantastic user experience. Moreover, it consolidates your team by establishing a clearer vision for them to collaboratively achieve. Believe us, the last thing you want is different employees creating your website with different goals in mind. 

A great style guide is not something that any designer can create.  

Yes, they will google ‘how to create a style guide for a website’ and try to mix colours up. Maybe they will even get a huge image and plaster it on your homepage, as they have seen others do.  

Unfortunately, you will only get the best business website style guide templates by working with the best team – us. 

How To Build A Website lives, breathes and excels in online presence. Your brand needs an impactful online presence if you want to expand your reach and convert traffic to sales.

How does it work

We are good at this, so creating the best style guide for business website or brand will be an easy and simple process. Our work is to make your brand relatable, understandable and replicable amongst your developing team. 

Any patterns or elements related to your website is what we call a style guide. The guide communicates your story, vision, content, tone and intent, to anyone who visits your website. 

You must wonder how we will go about structuring style guides for your website: 

Understand your vision – We want to view your goals from a personal view. Therefore, we take time to fathom what you want to achieve with your site or app. This includes target audience, keyword research and type of business. 

Research – We will analyze different possibilities of style guides and narrow them down to the ones that will work best for your business. 

Start on the style guide – Now that we know the best style guide to attract customers, we get to work. Some of the things we include are:

  • Logos – In different variations and sizes
  • The white space effect – The white space will vary depending on your business.
  • Colour palettes – We indicate the different colours on your websites and what each should be used for.
  • Images and videos – Of course, your site or app needs visuals to stand up but the question of where is answered by the guide.
  • Fonts – We specify typefaces including height, spacing, sizes, headers, body etc
  • Grids and layouts – Consistent guidelines about what goes where.
  • Copywriting guide
  • Tone of voice to maintain
  • Email signature
  • Social media 

We will keep you in the loop so that by the time we are delivering the final product, it will be something you love.

Why should I use it?

The digital era we live in means that the success of your business depends on your customers’ perceptions. Therefore, anything that affects how your customers see your brand must be considered when creating a style guide. 

We are so good at building, effective websites that we are trusted by hundreds of customers. This means we are highly experienced at helping businesses to grow their online presence. 

Believe in the power of consistent digital branding. It is one of the most impactful marketing strategies. Yet many businesses are still shying away from outsourcing style guides. 

Here is what you have to gain from the best style guide for a business website or app: 

Consistency – All the different people working on your website have a similar vision, objective and guide. This means all the content or pages of your site or app will be consistent.
Excellent organization – A style guide fine-tunes all your marketing channels by saving time, enabling effective communication, reducing duplicate work etc.
Define a tone for your brand – Establish a clear language and format that supports the intention of your business and resonates with your customers.
Helps with SEO ranking and indexing – Consistent information means search engines can easily index your business at higher ranks. 

Your potential customers should be able to know what your brand is all about with the first glance at your website. It is one of the many important steps to turning them into buyers.

Well, outsourcing style guides with us could be the only step left to achieving the revenue numbers you have always envisioned.

How do I get it?

“Where do I get the best style guides for my business website or brand?”

The answer is here, at How To Build A Website.

No one else will understand your brand’s journey and story like us. We take your business personally, meaning our developers will do everything to give you an impressive, unique and befitting style guide.

An inconsistent website confuses users and hardly makes it to the top search engine ranks. Outsourcing a style guide will make sure everyone who visits your site gets your products, services or message.

Before killing time by creating a style guide on your own, contact us. We are okay with designing a style guide that will help your website index on search engines, impress visitors and scare your competitors.

Take a step in the right direction for your website or app. Book an appointment with us today and let us design a style guide for your business.

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