Outsourcing telemarketing services with us is a way of increasing your business revenue by virtually closing sales through a team of a highly-skilled, friendly, and engaging team.

Are you wondering how to reach your profits target for this year? Maybe you have already hit your target but are looking to increase your revenue.

Whatever your line of business, telemarketing is one of the best forms of effective marketing to engage new customers, retain existing customers, and amplify profits.


Outsource telemarketing services with our trustworthy, reliable, and high-performing telemarketing experts. You will not regret it – we will handle your clients so well that it will boost your net income. 

Read further to see why we are the best telemarketers fit for your business.

What is Telemarketing

Telemarketing is the act of marketing or advertising products and services to potential customers, utilizing telephone calls, fax, or the internet.

In a nutshell;

We are the link between your services or products and your potential customers. To us, telemarketing is more than making calls to customers and clients. Every call is a strategy, backed by intensive research.

What is your business? How are your customer-sale conversion rates going? What is your brand’s reputation?

How To Build A Website applies an entirely different approach by embracing the reality of marketing. To increase your ROI (return of investment), integrate different sales tactics that are impactful, without scaring off the cust0omers.

Our telemarketing service is all about planning, building, executing, and managing sales lead campaigns. By bringing us into the picture, you are placing the fate of your company in the hands of highly qualified marketing specialists.

So, no need to worry! Your company’s campaign objectives will be achieved without a doubt.

Your company needs a cohesive team to propel your revenue goals to new heights. You might be sceptical because of the intrusive nature of telemarketing. Well, we don’t blame you, as many telemarketing companies out there lack a strategy that is relatable to customers.

We use a different approach. Our telemarketing specialists use existing analysis and data, combined with favourable marketing trends to contact and convince customers to sign up for your business.

How does it work

We do everything possible to reach your potential customers and convert them to buyers through friendly, honest, relatable, and impactful dialogue.

Telemarketing for us involves different stages, from the point we contact the potential customer to assess interest to the call where we close a sale. We use various data to narrow down to the high-probability customer or client prospects.

It does not matter whether you have a non-profit or a for-profit company. We will put our best foot forward to ensure that you achieve your goal.

There are four different types of telemarketing:

Outbound – We contact probable customers via outbound calls known as “cold calls.” With our deep understanding of the market, we ensure to attract new clients to you, within a short time.

Inbound – Also known as warm calls, these are calls we make to customers who have shown some interest in your product or services. We are keen to understand the customer’s requirements before providing them with the perfect solution within your business.

Lead generation – We gather information and perform research about your prospective customers including their demographic data, profile, interests, age, and any other intelligence that can help us know more about them.

Sales – We persuade and convince your target customers to purchase your goods or services. Here is where we close the deal. 

There is no industry that our telemarketing experts can’t handle. From Aerospace to education, manufacturing, multimedia, food, agriculture, pharma, retail, and many more.

Why should I use it?

Telemarketing is an effective tool you need for lead generation. We have proven strategies that boost conversations with customers, to increase your revenues.

There are many reasons why How To Build A Website is the best-outsourced telemarketing service for your start-up, company, or organization. 

Save time – By outsourcing our services, you are saving yourself a large chunk of time that you could have used to focus on growing your business. You could be busy developing your products, servicing existing clients, or managing the day-to-day operations at your company.

Minimise expenditure –  No doubt, building an in-house telemarketing team can be expensive. From office costs to tech infrastructure, management staff, and remunerations. Hiring our telemarketing specialists means we have all the tools and you don’t need to spend extra funds buying anything.

Get a flexible team – Our outsourced team will dedicate their efforts, time and skills to attract, retain, and close sales with your target audience. We are well equipped to change the campaigns according to your customers’ preferences and data.

Receive measurable results –  While one part of our telemarketers are busy bringing in customers, the other half of the team is committed to analysing and monitoring the campaign. This means you will constantly get intelligence on how the campaign is performing.                                                                

Telemarketing involves more than picking the phone and calling customers. At How To Build A Website, we provide marketing and sales solutions that blend in with your business needs.

How do I get it?

For an effective, experienced, and professional team of telemarketers that will boost your sales, look no further than How To Build A Website.

We have been a well-established telemarketing service provider for a wide range of companies and organizations. Outsource telemarketing services to our company and benefit from a tech-operated, professional, committed, and productive team.

We can handle any call and convince your target customers to subscribe or buy your products. Every member of our telemarketing staff is proficient and charming enough to strategically engage your customers and generate sales.

Outsource the best telemarketing services and witness a gradual increase in your sales and profits. Trust that your customers will be addressed by knowledgeable, highly skilled, and convincing people.

Hiring an experienced firm like us, to manage your lead marketing campaigns will be a rewarding experience. Within a short time of working with us, you will see the results of your campaign and wonder why you hadn’t hired us earlier.

Treat your company to the best telemarketing service team in the business – us. So hurry and book an appointment today. The sooner you start, the faster you get ahead of the competition.

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