Website Hosting

Website Hosting

The website hosting partner that you can trust to help you run a high traffic and monetized site is us.

Whether you are just starting a website, you have an existing online business, a non-profit objective or an e-commerce store, our website hosting plans are perfect.

With hundreds of clients already, How To Build A Website has risen to become the best business solutions provider in Australia and beyond our borders.

Look forward to a successful website with us. The website hosting solutions we give you are reliable, fast and key-locked secure to protect your data.

Website Hosting
What is Website hosting

Receive everything you will ever require to host or manage your website on Australia’s leading web hosting firm. 

Our web hosting services are excellent because…

You can now manage your website easily, relax knowing your data is highly protected and smile all the way to the bank after successfully monetizing your website or e-commerce store. 

High-performance website hosting is what you need to draw and retain customers and visitors to your website or store. They want a platform that loads fast and offers a seamless user experience.

Make your potential customers happy enough to stay, subscribe to your site and come back again – with our fast and reliable hosting services.

How does it work

Our web hosting experts are sharp, tech-savvy and reliable. From the moment you choose a web hosting plan, they will take over all your hosting problems.

Whether you are looking for more leads, a higher-performing website that ranks high on search engines, you are at the right place.

So, what is included in our web hosting package?

  • You get to manage your website easily via any compatible web browser.
  • You get a c-panel or control panel that is easy to navigate, with drag and drop. The cPanel option is great for a small business, a start-up or a simple brand.
  • Seamless file management.
  • Email setups.
  • File uploads.
  • A cPanel hosting manager.

How To Build A Website is a leading web hosting and digital marketing company, serving an extensive range of businesses, from all industries. With our 24/7 technical support, we are the best web hosting service for your online brand.

Our web hosting packages include:

  • Disk storage
  • Bandwidth
  • of hosted websites
  • Email accounts
  • Databases
  • File management
  • Application hosting
  • Support and backup
  • Analytics 

It is time that you propelled your online presence and pulled traffic to your business. There is no downtime with us!

Why should I use it?

The best web hosting services must be customer-oriented – and that is who we are. We have designed our web hosting packages in a way that will favour your visitors and customers.

Your customers will be happy with your website or store when you host with us. Still, there are more benefits to outsourcing our services:

  • No downtime on your site due to traffic surge.
  • Your website or store can simultaneously and effortlessly handle high volume requests.
  • You can maximise your available resources.
  • Our web hosting is perfect for heavy-traffic and mass-media purposes like streaming, e-Commerce, gaming etc.
  • We grow with you. As your platform or brand grows, we tune your hosting to match your growth.
  • There are reliable and secure on-site and off-site backups.
  • You can access customer support, 24/7 every day of the year.
How do I get it?

“Where do I get the best web hosting package?”

If you are asking the question above, welcome to speak to our web hosting experts. You are in the right place – with people who will do everything possible to help you achieve the vision you have for your website.

How To Build A Website is a leading business solutions provider in Australia for a reason, we are reliable and professional.

Your online business partner is here, for you. All our website hosting solutions come with unlimited support via email or phone.

So what happens after you host your website? How do you plan to build your website or market your brand to potential customers?

Don’t worry, we do more than web hosting. Our team of IT, designer, business and financial experts will offer everything you need to grow your business and increase revenue. 

Hurry and contact us today or book an appointment. That is the only way to beat your competitors.

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