Happy customers

Wendy Crawford



“John’s training with my management team was excellent. It was very different from the business coaching and support I have had in the past. John was clear, thoughtful and he addressed the issues we needed to cover without us even knowing they were being addressed! His follow up has been fantastic and exactly what I needed. I would recommend John and his team to anyone looking at getting some business coaching and training done.”

Mark Felton

Lindale Insurances


“In my dealings with John as our business coach, I have found him to be a motivated and insightful agent of positive change. He is able to burrow down to the root cause of issues and introduce effective forms of measurement. John then identifies and implements practical solutions and is there to provide the gentle persuasion required to ensure that results are achieved.”

Frank Eramo

Proprietor, Dynotune


“John knows his stuff, he knows how the get results, John has so many great ideas in building a business and helping business owners work less and make more money. John has released a DVD set on doing just that. I have watched the 1st one and it was great, very informative and easy to understand, I happily recommend John to anyone in need of help and guidance.”

Carey Rudd

Sales Director, Online Knowledge


“John develops real relationships with the people he comes into contact with. He is passionate about what he does. His DVD and group training series, is full of good ideas and process to make you business better. Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. John is excellent at helping you get things done.”

David Wall

Director, D&K Transport


“I now have a commercial, profitable business and now its my choice when I work in my business and when I work ON it and have had john helping me in business since 1988. I can’t imagine not having John as a part of our business.”

Hugh Gilchrist

Managing Director, Australian Moulding Company


“We started working with John in early 2010, within 90 days of working with and being trained by John Millar we had the biggest and most profitable month in our 15 year history. That’s impressive.”

Anthony Beasley

Director, The Astra Group


“John is a creative, professional, practical and committed business coach and trainer.  His approach since we first met him in 1994 to work with a client team through the application of useful tools, information and anecdotes along with his easy-going & easy to understand delivery sets him apart from other business coaches that I have used in the past.”

Shirley Du 

Director, Goldline Technology


“We first met John in 2005, he is AMAZING at sales, marketing, operations, logistics, finance training and so much more. Since engaging John as our business coach our business has exploded, our team are happy, our clients are raving about us and my husband and I now take at least 12 weeks holidays a year, EVERY year.”

Ross Sudano

Director, Anaconda Adventure Stores


“The work John has done since 2008 coaching and training our marketing team, administration and finance teams, buyers, store managers and staff nationally has been fantastic.”

Terrance Chong

Managing Director, Echo Graphics and Printing.


“I have worked with John Millar for the since 2004 and I didn’t think it was possible to achieve what we have achieved together. His business coaching, training and services just get better and better!”

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